Newest Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Has Tons of Anime, Manga References

The recent Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer that revealed Gotenks as a playable fighter contained more [...]

The recent Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer that revealed Gotenks as a playable fighter contained more references to the anime and manga than some viewers might've initially picked up on.

It's expected that Dragon Ball FighterZ and other games would pay homage to the source material with clever references and accurate names of complicated attacks like Gotenks' Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, but the Gotenks reveal trailer had similarities right down to the characters' poses. These aren't just recreations of the obvious poses like the final sequence of the fusion dance either, they're smaller scenes with details that make them look like they could've been straight copy-pasted from the anime and manga right into the game.

Watch IKevinX's video above for yourself to see all of the similarities between the game and the versions of Gotenks that came before it. One of the first similarities that you might've noticed was Gotenks' spinning kick attack, Daikaiten Kick where he spins wildly towards the enemy and ends with a strong finishing kick. The move seems pretty impractical and is only really used by Gotenks as part of his arrogant fighting style full of interesting attacks.

But while that attack is still pretty easy to associate with Gotenks, the video continues to show the finer details like the personalities of the individual ghosts in his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. Each one had a different pose and facial expression in the anime and manga, all of which are accounted for each time Gotenks uses the attack.

Of course, not everything could be recreated exactly how it was shown in the anime and manga. Gotenks' Galactic Donut move is one example of this, a move that begins like it should but doesn't really follow through with the continuity. Gotenks creates the ring above his head with one finger like he should, but instead of it moving and tightening around his enemy, another ring instantly appears around them. Close enough, we suppose.

You can spot more similarities and differences such as these in the video from IKevinX, and look for Dragon Ball FighterZ on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC when it's released on Jan. 26.

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