New Dragon Ball Games Event Announced

Dragon Ball fans have another event to look forward to soon with a new Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour broadcast set to take place in 2023. More details will be shared on December 3rd, Bandai Namco announced this week, with a few games already confirmed to be taking part in the event. More details are set to be revealed closer to the time of the presentation, but if past years' events are anything to go off of, people will have to tune into the event itself to catch some surprises, too.

The Twitter account dedicated to this Battle Hour event which has become an annual thing by now sprung to life this week to announce the first details of this year's Battle Hour broadcast. On December 3rd, fans will want to check back for more details about the 2023 event.

It was not said at the time how long the actual 2023 event would last. Past years' events have been spread out across more than one day, so it reasons that the same will be true for this next event.

As for the games that'll be present there, Bandai Namco confirmed that at least three will be featured: Dragon Ball Super Card Game, Dragon Ball Legends, and, of course, Dragon Ball FighterZ. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Dragon Ball: The Breakers are notably absent from the list of games that'll be there, but as mentioned before, we're not getting the full picture yet from this tease.

DLC character announcements have been a big thing for these sorts of Dragon ball events in the past, so one would expect we'd see more of that during this upcoming event. Past years' showcases have also shown off things like community tournaments and even details on non-gaming content like Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. A full schedule should be coming soon to clue fans in on which parts of the event they should devote their attention to.