Dragon's Crown Pro Gameplay Demo hows Off Co-Op Action

(Photo: Atlus)

Days after the announcement of its North American release, the U.S. team at Atlus behind Dragon’s Crown Pro has provided a better look at what players can expect from the Japanese dungeon crawler. Packed with room-to-room combat with a high fantasy world to contain it, the game comes with a whole new soundtrack (as in, the classic soundtrack, but re-mastered with a live orchestra), giving fans something a little new to listen to while they strike down hordes of enemies.

Up to four players can get in on the action, whether they’re right next to one another on the couch or playing with you online. The original game is often considered a cornerstone for video games within the fantasy and adventure realm, and for good reason. Check out the game play and all of the news around the title below:

Players who want to join in on the fun but already have Dragon’s Crown Pro won’t have to worry, as cross-save compatibility will be available for the game on the Vita and PS3. What's more, Vita and PS3-based patches, features, and the Storyteller Voice Pack DLC from the original game will be included in the PS4 version. So if you've started the game on one console, you can pick it right up and keep going on PS4. Some of the more interesting aspects of the North American release include 4k support, enhanced visuals, and voice options in both English and Japanese.

Like most fantasy games, players are given the option to choose the class of their characters, and the team must work together to take down enemies as they make their way through.

Brought to the US by Atlus, Dragon’s Crown Pro will be a Playstation exclusive, debuting on the Playstation 4 and PS4 Pro in Spring of 2018. The gme is set to retail for $49.99.