D&D Beyond Hosts an All-Star Dungeons & Dragons Game Where Viewers Can Mess With the Players for Charity

D&D Beyond is raising money for the Worldbuilders non-profit with an all-star game of Dungeons & Dragons that airs this evening. Author Patrick Rothfuss, actor Felicia Day, and Nerdist personality Amy Vorpahl are joining D&D luminaries Chris Perkins and Jeremy Crawford will be playing through a special one-shot this evening run by D&D Beyond host and creative manager Todd Kenreck. Not only is the game a rare opportunity to see Perkins and Crawford as players (both usually serve as D&D DMs when appearing on live shows), viewers can also donate money to give players useful items or mess with the players by giving their characters phobias, hidden backstories, or even a bad accent.

Worldbuilders is a non-profit started by Rothfuss that benefits Heifer International, a global charity that distributes animals and agricultural training to families in need to help eradicate world hunger and poverty. Not only do these animals provide a valuable source of income and food, Heifer International also works to build sustainable community development by encouraging recipients of animals to "pass along" their knowledge and their animals' offspring to other families in need.

D&D Beyond is offering several incentives for those who donate to Worldbuilders before or doing the stream. For $20, contributors can grant a character a potion of healing or a re-roll during the game. For $25, contributors can grant a character a roll on a random Wild Magic Surge table, or grant a character an uncommon magic item. For $35, contributors can give a character a phobia. For $50, contributors can grant a character a rare item, add a piece of secret backstory or hidden agenda for a character or get one of two special Worldbuilder cards that contributors can use in their own campaigns. For $65, contributors can force the players to give their character an accent. For $150, contributors will receive the dice used in the game, along with a character sheet signed by the full cast, and Worldbuilders cards. For $200, contributors can give players a Wish card. For $1,000, contributors will receive a full set of 37 Worldbuilder cards, featuring cards from Critical Role, The Adventure Zone, and D&D Luminaries.


Worldbuilders is a phenomenal charity, and D&D Beyond has assembled a fantastic cast for tonight's special game. You can watch the game live on D&D Beyond's Twitch channel at 7 PM PT and donate to the game on Worldbuilders' website. D&D Beyond is hoping to raise $25,000 by the end of the game, and has raised a little over $11,000 as of press time.