These Dungeons & Dragons Villains Are Perfect for Halloween

A recently released Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides DMs with a host of creepy villains and dangerous lairs perfect for the Halloween season. With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, Dungeons & Dragons DMs are probably planning a frightening surprise or two for their players. After all, Halloween is the perfect time for some spookiness, and Dungeons & Dragons provides players with a lot of really great options, no matter what type of scares players like. Whether its zombies, vampire lords, or demons from the Abyss, there are a lot of great scary creatures to stalk and terrorize creatures.

A DMs Guild supplement recently provided players with several fantastic villain options that are perfect for a Halloween one-shot. Villains & Lairs IV - The Dead, Damned, and Decaying provides 40 unique NPCs with unique backstories and abilities, all of which have some connection to the Great Beyond. From the undead Life Cleric who kills in service to her god to an undead artificer that resides in a laboratory spinning erratically in the sky, there are tons of great and innovative NPCs perfect for a one-off D&D adventure or as a longterm foe. Each villain also comes with a handful of plot hooks and several ways to use the NPC in a campaign, just in case a DM wants to find a creepy alternative use for a favorite creature.

Villains & Lairs IV also comes with several pre-written adventures and lairs, providing plot hooks and detailed maps to use. These lairs are designed with specific villains in mind, but an intrepid DM can always use a creepy lair for their own purposes in a pinch.

In addition to the host of NPCs, plot hooks, and adventures, many of the NPCs also have magic weapons or items that can be used as a "treat" for players after a successful Halloween victory. There's everything from a greataxe that instantly entombs foes in the ground to a spellbook that provides a list of victims for the villain to kill, so there's definitely something that will interest a player....likely to the point that they'll rush into what's clearly a haunted house or another Halloween-themed lair.

If you're looking for a creepy Villain for a Halloween one-shot or a longer adventure, be sure to give Villains & Lairs IV a try. The supplement is available for $14.95 on the DMs Guild and also comes with a 40 page preview for prospective buyers to peruse.