Turn Dungeons & Dragons' Demons and Devils Into Useful Monster Loot

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement give players options for crafting items with the various demon and devil parts they collect. Players are starting their descent into the Nine Hells in Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus, a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign released earlier this month. Avernus is the location of the Blood War, an eternal conflict between demons and devils, and players will have a chance to battle both during their journey to save Baldur's Gate from getting dragged into hell. While demons and devils are inhuman fiends whose very presence is a perversion of all that's good in the D&D universe, they also have body parts that can be "looted" after their killed. And players will often ask what they can do with those devil horns and demon claws once they've chopped them off a dead monster.

Luckily, Anne Gregersen, the creator of the popular Monster Loot series of supplements, has written a new guide that's all about the creatures found in Descent Into Avernus. Monster Loot - Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus is a new 30 page supplement that gives DMs a handy guide to what parts players can harvest from the monsters they encounter in the new campaign. Not only does this guide come with a simple harvesting system, it also provides a ton of unique items that players can craft with the parts they take from monsters.

Not only are common devils and demons included in the guide, players can also pull loot off of the demon lords and archdevils they'll fight in Descent Into Avernus as well. That means you can create hide armor from the pelt of Baphomet or uses Zariel's Nails as spell components. There's a lot of cool items that players can get creative with, as long as they're okay with chopping up demons and devils and keeping their hearts in their equipment bags.

Gregersen's Monster Loot series is one of the more practical series of D&D supplements and is a useful tool for DMs who have players that always ask what they find on the dead body of any creature they slay. This new supplement is a must have for anyone planning on running Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus.

Monster Loot - Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus is available on the DMs Guild for $2.95.