Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon to Stream on Twitch

Wizards of the Coast will stream the entire Dungeons & Dragons cartoon on Twitch next week. The [...]

Wizards of the Coast will stream the entire Dungeons & Dragons cartoon on Twitch next week. The Dungeons & Dragons Twitter account announced that it would stream the full Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series next Friday starting at 9 AM PT on Twitch. D&D is replaying the cartoon to celebrate an upcoming Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair set that features characters from the cartoon on customized Magic: The Gathering cards.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon originally aired on CBS from 1983 to 1985 as part of that network's Saturday morning cartoon block. The cartoon is basically an isekai anime, in which a group of kids from the real world gets transported to a fantasy world filled with D&D monsters and characters. The group is then given abilities (roughly corresponding to D&D classes at the time) by a character literally called the Dungeon Master and try to figure out a way home. Major antagonists of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon include the evil wizard Venger and the dragon goddess Tiamat, who the children occasionally manipulate for their own means.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon was controversial at the time, due to the game's poor reputation because of the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and because it was surprisingly violent for a cartoon of the era. CBS aired a warning before the start of every episode during its final season. The show never got a proper finale either, with the series ending on a cliffhanger where the show's protagonists' trying to decide whether they would return home or stay and save the fantasy realm. A Brazilian car commercial made a couple of years ago eventually gave the show a proper ending, with the Dungeon Master arriving in a KWID Outsider so that the kids could out-race Tiamat and return back to the real world.

Since the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon isn't available on any streaming channel, this might be your best chance to watch the show if you haven't seen it. Tune in to D&D's Twitch channel next week to catch the action!