WizKids' Chardalyn Dragon Will Put Fear Into Your Dungeons & Dragons Players

chardalyn dragon header
(Photo: WizKids)

WizKids' newest premium Dungeons & Dragons figure is seven pounds of impressive, terrifying dragon construct glory. Next month, WizKids will release their Chardalyn Dragon Premium Figure for the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons adventure Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. This "dragon" is actually a construct made of potent magical material and infused with evil that corrupts any who get close to it. With massive claws and a deadly tail, the Chardalyn Dragon literally glows with arcane power, even when its not blasting foes with a radiant beam attack. Although the dragon itself is likely not the central antagonist of the adventure, this massive figure is horrifying in all the white ways and should induce delightful panic and fear should players ever have the misfortune of watching the DM place it on the table in front of their miniatures.

When WizKids first revealed the Chardalyn Dragon during D&D Live 2020, fans immediately noticed that the figure was massive - even compared to the other impressive dragons recently released by the figure company. Not only does the Chardalyn Dragon come with a larger base than WizKids' Sapphire Dragon and Adult White Dragon figures (both of which will be available later this month), its also physically more impressive too, weighing over 6 pounds with a much heftier body and limbs than its counterparts. It's hard to describe just how physically imposing this dragon figure is - it dwarfs almost every other D&D miniature and figure available today, even the "Huge" figures meant to represent some of the more dangerous monsters in the D&D multiverse. While the figure comes with a Colossal-sized base for stability purposes, the monster itself is considered a Gargantuan creature. The base has a ring to indicate the figure's technical size when using it on the grid.

Like other WizKids premium figures, the Chardalyn Dragon comes pre-painted. While the construct is made of pitch black material, the coloring effects provide some gentle shading to help the figure's details stand out, and arcane energy radiates from every joint in the form of bright orange and white coloring. A lot of time is put into making this figure look stunning, and the Chardalyn Dragon will stand out even when its not threatening to wipe out your party on a gaming table.

If you're looking for an impressive new addition to your D&D shelf or you just want to hear your players curse in futility when they see it for the first time, the Chardalyn Dragon Premium Figure is a hefty bit of fun that all Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts will enjoy. The new figure will be released along with the full Rime of the Frostmaiden line on September 16th. You can order the figure from your local gaming store, from WizKids, or from Amazon for $79.99.