Dusk Gets A High-Powered, 80’s Carnage-Filled Trailer

Last year, the team at New Blood Interactive introduced a fun Doom-style old-school shooter at Quakecon called Dusk, and, since then, development on the game has been swimming along – in blood, of course. Today, the team revealed an all-new trailer for the game that shows just how much carnage it has. Like, a lot. That's what you get when you carry around a ton of guns, though.

The game, which is still in development but moving right along, benefits from the new trailer, which features about a good minute or so of laying waste to enemies with a number of guns. It spreads across 33 levels across three different episodes, so you've got plenty of room to empty out your ammunition.

In addition, the game comes packed with a number of "needless options" for those of you looking to get the most out of your shooter performance, including a framerate cap, an FOV slider, and adjustable saturation, tinting, hue and contrast options. So Dusk can look as classic – or as dark – as you want it to.


If you've grown up playing games like Doom and Hexen, then Dusk will no doubt be your speed. The game doesn't have a release date yet, but it's coming out for Steam later this year. We'll see if we can get more information at Quakecon when it rolls around later this month, as New Blood will no doubt be in attendance. Because who dares pass up an opportunity to take part in first-person shooting shenanigans? Not Dusk. Ayyyyyyy…