Epic Games CEO Says the Epic Games Store Isn't Spyware

The CEO of Epic Games has responded to claims that suggest the Epic Games Store is a form of spyware and passes users' information onto Tencent as well as the Chinese government. CEO Tim Sweeney said some of the issues people might take with the Epic Games Store are fine targets for people to complain about, though spyware isn't among those valid concerns. In a thread on Twitter, he urged people to "help separate facts and opinions from the lies about spyware and foreign control."

People have taken issue with the Epic Games Store over its exclusivity grabs, the most recent and likely the biggest example of this being Borderlands 3. They've also had concerns about features it lacks such as a shopping cart and other aspects of a storefront consumers have grown accustomed to in places like Steam and elsewhere. But the word "spyware" often comes up in those discussions too with several examples of that shown in the USGamer article Sweeney cites to kick off his conversation that begins with the tweet below.

Sweeney goes on in his tweets to say that he's the controlling shareholder in Epic Games and that while Tencent might be the largest outside investor the company has, no investors or partners can dictate decisions to Epic Games. He also said that "none have access to Epic customer data."

The CEO also briefly summarized how the partnership between Epic Games and Tencent first came to be. He said he's never regretted the decision to partner with Tencent and said "the recent anti-China rage doesn't change that even slightly" and called the rage "completely unfounded."

Sweeney ended his thread with the tweet above that thanked everyone who's voiced their support and asked that people keep their arguments based in real facts.


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