New Fall Guys Season 2 Rewards Teased

Mediatonic teased some new Fall Guys rewards on Wednesday to give players a preview of what’s [...]

Mediatonic teased some new Fall Guys rewards on Wednesday to give players a preview of what's coming in Season 2. The Crowns everyone strives for will be more plentiful during the next season thanks to the track of seasonal rewards being loaded up with more Crowns, and most competitive players can look forward to a new way to be rewarded "beyond Season 2." There's also been talks of nameplates that we'll apparently hear more about in the next couple of days.

From the Fall Guys Twitter account, we learned more about what's planned for the game's sophomore season. Those who've been working their way through the seasonal rewards after Fall Guys' debut will recall that players can earn Crowns not only through winning matches but also by working their way through the battle pass-like system that includes cosmetics and currencies. You can only earn a few of the Crowns though, and with how expensive some of the outfits get, you'll need some wins to your name to get more than a few premium cosmetics.

To help players out with those purchases, we'll see more Crowns added to the seasonal rewards in Season 2. We'll see around 20 Crowns in the Season 2 rewards, according to the Fall Guys Twitter account.

On top of that change, competitive players can also look forward to some more rewards geared towards them, but it sounds like those won't be coming until later on. In a separate tease, there was talk of nameplates being added to the game at some point. Players' names are already displayed about their jellybean people's heads if you have the names enabled on your screen, so this new feature sounds like a flashier way to display those names.

Fall Guys Season 2 is scheduled to begin in October, so look for these features to arrive then with more previews of the upcoming content releasing before then.