Fall Guys Teases New Crossover Skins

Fall Guys developer Meditonic teased the game’s next crossover this week with bean-shaped [...]

Fall Guys developer Meditonic teased the game's next crossover this week with bean-shaped silhouettes of the next couple of skins that'll come to the game soon. Based on the wording of the tweet and the aesthetic at play in the image included in the teaser, it looks like Fall Guys players will be getting some Tron skins soon. The crossover would be right in line with the futuristic themes of the current Season 4, though a release date for these skins hasn't been announced yet.

There'll be at least four of the Tron skins added to the game based on the teaser below, though if past skins are any indication of how these will work, players will want to make sure they save up plenty of Crowns to get everything they want. Fall Guys skins are typically divided between the top and bottom halves of the outfits, so you'll have to purchase both pieces to complete one costume. The costumes will hopefully be staggered so that players have time to save up their Crowns instead of watching the skins rotate out of the store too quickly, but again, release dates and timeframes haven't been announced yet.

While the teaser itself looks close enough to Tron to hint at what's coming, the "light cycles" line is an even better indicator. Some people have pointed out that the character on the right looks like Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise, but if you've been keeping up with Fall Guys leaks from the past, you may have already seen this skin's shape before. It's the same one featured in this video of leaked Fall Guys skins that came out at the start of the month and showed several Tron cosmetics. They were all listed as "Placeholder" skins, however, so just as we don't have dates for them, we don't have names nor do we have Crown prices for the skins.

Fall Guys is no stranger to crossovers by now with there being all kinds of potential for such skins in the game, and Tron isn't even the only crossover that got leaked ahead of time. Nier Automata and Bomberman were both featured as well with skins from those games apparently coming to Fall Guys in the future, too.

Teasers for Fall Guys' new skins typically come swiftly after the first one is shared, so expect to see these skins gradually revealed until they're fully available.