New Fall Guys Patch Notes Reveal Major Updates & Changes

A new Fall Guys update has been released on PS4 and PC alongside the official patch notes for said update. Unlike the game's first update, this new update is on the smaller side, but it does come with some major and much-needed changes to certain aspects of the game on both platforms. More specifically, for those who don't like team games, this update is for you.

Word of the new update comes way of the official Fall Guys Twitter account, which reveals at the top that the previously PC-exclusive Valve costumes are now available on PS4, but only via the Store. Meanwhile, your chances of winning on Fall Mountain remain unlikely, as the max player count is now 15, which is more than many other finals.

As for team games, there will now be no more back-to-back team games, which in turn means more individual levels will be in the hopper going forward. It's still possible to get more than one team game a match, but it won't happen in back-to-back rounds. Lastly, the timer on Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble has been changed, and is now 1:30.

Below, you can check out the full and official patch notes:

  • Valve costumes will now be available in the store on PS4
  • Max player count for Fall Mountain is now 15
  • Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble timer is now 1:30
  • No more back to back team games

Fall Guys is available for PS4 and PC. It's currently available for free until September 5 on the former, courtesy of PlayStation Plus. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of the game coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or any other additional platforms.