Fallout 76 Event Gives Players More Gold Than Ever Before

Fallout 76 is running another of its go-to events this weekend with a Gold Rush underway, but this [...]

Fallout 76 is running another of its go-to events this weekend with a Gold Rush underway, but this Gold Rush is a bit different compared to the other versions of it we've seen in the past. It still gives players the opportunity to earn more Gold Bullion than normal, but because of some recent changes made during the release of the Steel Reign update, players can now earn more Gold Bullion during one event than ever before.

For those who haven't been part of the Gold Rush events in the past, the event doubles the amount of Gold Bullion players can earn by exchanging their Treasury Notes. In the past, this meant that instead of being capped at 200 Gold Bullion per day, players could earn 400 during Gold Rush weekends. Effort's still required of players since you have to have enough Treasury Notes on hand to take advantage of the event, but the potential for extra earnings is definitely there.

However, the Steel Reign update released this month permanently upped the Gold Bullion cap from vendors from 200 to 400. Because this weekend's Gold Rush event still functions the same as it always has, it benefits from the Steel Reign update by allowing players to earn up to 800 Gold Bullion in one day. This is the first time a Gold Rush event has gone live since that update released, so it's the start of more high-value, Gold Bullion-filled weekends to come as future events get underway.

"Scrounge up as many Treasury Notes as you can find, because we're kicking off a new Gold Rush Weekend a little later today," Bethesda said when the Gold Rush event began this week. Over the next few days, you can visit the Gold Press Machines in Foundation and Crater to exchange your Treasury Notes for up to double the normal amount of Gold Bullion. In our recent Steel Reign Update, we also increased the daily Gold Bullion maximum from 200 to 400, which means you can earn up to 800 per day during the Gold Rush."

If you're earning a lot of Gold Bullion this weekend, it's probably best you hang onto all of that for a while longer to prep for the game's next big event: Minerva's Big Sale. Minerva will happily take Gold Bullion for items and will have an expanded selection during the next event, so keep the currency on-hand until that event starts.