Fallout 76 Players Are Hoarding Toilet Paper Due to Coronavirus

Fallout 76 players are hoarding toilet paper. As you will know, toilet paper is really hard to find right now. Why? Because everyone is buying it in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Naturally, this has also led to inflated toilet paper prices in Fallout 76, as players hoard every roll they can find. Why? Because it's Fallout 76. Before everyone and their sister's brother's pet parakeet were brawling in stores to secure a single roll of toilet paper, the junk item was worth nothing in Fallout 76. Now it's priceless.

If you come across a player's settlement, there's a good chance there's a room where toilet paper touches the ceiling. Meanwhile, others may be displaying their finest roles in display cases. Some are even charging absurd prices for a single roll of butt cleaner in their stores. It all started as a joke. And it's still a joke, but now there's a real danger the bottlecap currency will collapse and be replaced with toilet paper.

The TLDR version of all this is that if you're still playing Fallout 76 -- or preparing yourself for the real-world apocalypse coming by jumping back into the online RPG -- pick up any toilet paper you see in the wasteland. The gold in Fort Knox may be gone, but it soon will be brimming with premium TP.


Fallout 76 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

H/T, Polygon.