Far Cry 3 Vaas Actor Comments on Possible Movie

Far Cry 3 isn't just the best Far Cry game, it's one of the best games of all time, largely thanks to its villain Vaas Montenegro, who is widely considered one of the best villains in video game history. Of course, Vaas is a well-realized and well-written character, but it's the performance by Michael Mando that carries the villain. In the past, Mando has always praised the role and gushed about his experience bringing the character to life. Thus, it should come as no surprise that he's interested in bringing back the character through other media, like a movie.

"I have been thinking about it for a while. I spoke with Ubisoft in Italy a few years ago. We had coffee and I told [them] a couple of ideas that I had for a film," said Mando while speaking to GB. "And I have a couple of really great ideas I spoke about with Greg Russo [the writer behind the recent Mortal Kombat movie] who is really interested in Vaas as a character and making a film. I spoke to some writers from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul about it, and there's a lot of interest there. I've also spoken to producers here in Los Angeles that are interested. I think if the fans really asked for it, I feel we could give it to them, right? I think we're very close, we'll see where it goes."

Mando continued, suggesting he would be interested in a possible prequel that provides a pullback on the character and a look into how they became the way they are. In other words, an origin story. This isn't the only idea he has for the character though.

"I've learned a lot from Breaking Bad with Peter Gould (writer and supervising producer) and Vince Gilligan (creator, writer, producer, director). You know, reading those scripts and analyzing and watching those guys work – they're just masters. So pulling back is something that I always find interesting. That works really well for TV, and I think it applies for film. Look at great movies, like The Godfather – you pull back and there's not a lot of violence. It's about the themes, it's about the thesis that you're trying to portray. Though, I don't know if we would change the essence of the character. I'd be interested in pulling back a little bit, going back and trying to see how he got there. Kind of like an origin story would be fascinating. And then I have another story that I'm developing that would take place with the Vaas we know now, but that takes place on a huge, huge international scale. I can't say anything yet, but hopefully, people will keep asking for it. And we'll sit down, and give it to the people."

For now, it remains to be seen if anything will come of any of this, but Mando seems convinced if there's enough demand it could happen.