New Fatal Fury Game Announced at Evo 2022

In what is likely the most surprising announcement to come from Evo 2022, video game publisher SNK announced that it's in the process of working on a new game in the Fatal Fury series. First started back in 1991, Fatal Fury is a legendary fighting game series that received multiple entries across SNK's Neo Geo platform. And while the mainline series hasn't been heard from in over 20 years, SNK has decided that it's now time to finally return with a new installment. 

Divulged via a new teaser trailer today that debuted at Evo, SNK simply revealed that it has "green-lit" a new game in the Fatal Fury series. The trailer in question didn't feature any gameplay from the upcoming game, but instead primarily showed off new artwork that featured the character Rock Howard. It then ended with a message confirming that a new entry is now in the works at SNK. 

"Legends never die. After more than 20 years, Fatal Fury/Garou is coming back!" SNK said in its announcement on social media. "Finally, the long awaited sequel has been green-lit!"

While details are still sparse, SNK's reveal message tells us that this new Fatal Fury game will be a direct sequel to 1999's Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Released originally on Neo Geo, Mark of the Wolves is the most recent installment in the Fatal Fury franchise, which shows just how long this series has been dormant. It centered around the aforementioned character Rock Howard and also contained a number of other popular characters like Terry Bogard and B. Jenet.

Over the years, Garou: Mark of the Wolves has periodically been ported to other platforms as a way of keeping the game alive. However, what many fans have been requesting for the longest time is a fully new entry. And while it seemed likely that those dreams would never become a reality, SNK is now finally ready to give fans what they've been asking for. 


Are you shocked to see that the Fatal Fury series is finally coming back? And when do you think that this new entry in the franchise will actually release? Let me know for yourself either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.