Final Fantasy 7 Boss Fight Recreated in Dreams

There’s been no shortage of imaginative remakes and interpretations of big moments from other games in Dreams, the experience builder that puts the power of creativity in players’ hands. Capitalizing on the hype that still remains around the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a user has recreated the boss fight that players of the original game will remember. It’s the same fight that we got to see as part of Square Enix’s reveals during E3, and it’s a faithful recreation of what we saw then.

A user by the name of sosetsuken5360 recreated the Air Buster boss fight as it was seen in the gameplay demo shared during E3. Twitter user Figburn shared the video below to preview part of the recreated boss fight as Cloud and company whaled away at the boss. The fight even had all the menus that you’d expect to find in that scene as well with health bars and a HUD for the game’s Tactical Mode.


The same Twitter user followed up that first tweet that included the video which another that gave credit to the creator. For anyone who has Media Molecule’s Dreams, you can find the project by searching for “FFVII Dreamake,” according to the user. Other mechanics not shown in the video including dodging and locking onto the enemy are also said to be included in the full recreation.

Other Dreams projects have caught people’s attention in the past as fan-favorite moments are recreated. One of the most notable examples of a project that took off was when a player recreated the intro to Marvel’s Spider-Man, another game that’s also only found on the PlayStation 4. The game started off with Peter Parker suiting up and jumping out of a window before swinging through the city, and we got to see all of this in Dreams once again.

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