For Honor's Next Season Is Adding a Special Kind of Emote

The next For Honor season releasing later this month is adding Paired Emotes, a feature players have requested more than once throughout the years of content the game’s gotten. Through the addition of this unique type of emotes, players will be able to celebrate victories with their teammates through a type of emote that requires more than one player to participate. One example showed off by the For Honor team on Thursday showed two different Heroes chest bumping one another, but that’s just the first of what’s to come.

These new Paired Emotes were first announced in the Warrior’s Den stream for Year 5 Season 1 where the devs went over everything players can expect from the next season that starts on March 11th. Close to 29 minutes into the video, For Honor Special FX Artist Uri Flamenbaum showed off the Paired Emotes and called a “very, very special” addition for everyone. We then got to see two of the Heroes from For Honor chest bumping one another before returning to their normal stances.

This type of emote works by having one player trigger the emote first to enter a stance where they have to wait on another player to respond to the prompt. Once the other player does, they’ll both do the emote, whatever it may be. It seems likely that only one player will have to own the required emote since there’d be no way to tell if the other player owned it in a match, but that question wasn’t addressed during the stream.

This Chest Bump Paired Emote is only one of the emotes that we’ll see added as well and is the only one that we’ve seen so far. As indicated by the battle pass logo in the bottom-right corner of the clip above, this particular emote will be locked behind the battle pass. Ubisoft confirmed in a comment on Reddit that this Chest Bump emote is included in the premium version of the battle pass.

Flamenbaum added that this sort of emote could leave the door open for more interesting things in the future. Another request from players that’s not unlike these Paired Emotes is a Paired Execution feature where Heroes will execute their opponents with the help of an ally. That sort of feature wasn’t mentioned in the dev stream, but the addition of these emotes has renewed hopes for Paired Executions to one day be added.