For Honor Trailer Reveals New Limited-Time Mode

For Honor players have another new event coming their way that will introduce a new game mode called “Soul Rush.” The Shadows of the Hitokiri event is inspired by the new Hero of the same name which was released during the current season, and the game mode it entails will pit the Vikings against the Samurai. It’s available now since the limited-time event has already gone live, and the game mode and other content that accompanies the event will be available from now until June 27th.

Ubisoft’s trailer above depicts a brutal and ominous scene to go along with the new event, though it doesn’t tell you much about how the actual game mode is played. If you’re looking for info on that, Ubisoft’s site has you covered. The game mode is a race to see which team of Heroes can collect the most souls by killing enemy soldiers, but Ubisoft said that there’s of course more to it than just a PvE slaughter.

“It's not simply a race to kill the most soldiers, however. Each Hero has their own stock of souls, which count toward their team's total, and Heroes can lose their souls if killed by an opposing Hero – who then steals a portion of their souls,” Ubisoft said about the mode. “Furthermore, downed players will lose their remaining souls on revive, and the only way for their team to salvage their remaining souls is to revive the downed player. Securing souls is crucial to victory, and both teams can deposit their earned souls in designated points on the battlefield, increasing their team's score. The first team to 1,000 points will push the opposing team into breaking.”

Along with the game mode, there will also be community challenge orders throughout the event. If you complete and these and help everyone reach the goal, players will get 2,000 Steel and a unique symbol, Ubisoft said. There’s also a new Arcade scenario that’s been added, and special loot can be earned by completing matches. If you don’t get all of the loot that you’re after by the time the event ends, you’ll still be able to buy Shadow of the Hitokiri Bundles until July 1st. Those bundles will get cheaper as you acquire different parts of their contents organically, so you can easily complete your set towards the end of the event if you’re missing some gear.

For Honor’s limited-time event is live now and will be available until June 27th.