Fortnite Leak Reveals Crazy New Weapon

A new Fortnite leak has seemingly revealed a brand new and crazy weapon coming to the free-to-play battle royale game on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android in the near future. More specifically, a heavy new weapon has leaked, courtesy of the files of the game's latest update. And judging by the looks of the weapon, it's some weird hybrid between the grenade launcher and the minigun, which may spell bad news for both of these weapons.

As for the datamining leak itself, it comes way of Fortnite dataminer Mang0e, who shared the new finding over on Twitter. In addition to revealing its existence, the dataminer also reveals what the weapon looks like in the files, as well as the stats that accompany the weapon.

Below, you can check all of this out for yourself:

It's worth pointing out that there's currently some conflicting information about the weapon, with some saying it's been in the game's files for awhile. If this is the case, then there's a decent chance it's actually not making it to the game as this would suggest it's an unused concept that never made it past the testing phase. It being in the files suggests it was in the works and in the game in some capacity, but for whatever reason, it hasn't been added to the game proper, though this may change soon.


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