'Fortnite' Player Shares Touching Story With Troubled Teen and Goes Viral

Two Fortnite players turned a typical online interaction into a unique experience and ended up [...]

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Two Fortnite players turned a typical online interaction into a unique experience and ended up with someone else to duo with.

Online games are rife trolls who do their work over voice chat, and Fortnite is no exception. Fortnite player and Redditor OnlyOneKjaer said they encountered one of these jokesters in a match when a young-sounding player started asking questions as if they were trying to figure out how to play the game. The player caught on and guessed the other player was younger and was trying to be funny to which the player answered that they were actually 13 and was a class clown.

After teaming up with one another and playing a few more Duos, the younger player asked questions like "Do you think I'm funny?" and asked if the player who posted the story ever got bullied in school.

"Everything became clear in an instant," the player who shared the story said. "This kid needed someone to talk to. And so we did. We talked about life for a while, his school experiences, the friends who let him down, the girls he never gets, and the bullies who have no regard for his feelings."

The younger player revealed he had an intestinal condition that was the cause of much of the bullying he received. That player thanked OnlyOneKjaer for listening, and the story's poster said it was a touching interaction.

"Now, I don't know who this kid is, but never before have I been so emotionally touched by an encounter online," the player said. "Fortnite brought me into this kid's life at just the right time, and I hope I made an impact."

Since they posted the story, the player was showered in Reddit's methods of showing approval and appreciation for the post. Aside from getting over 18,000 upvotes – an impressive number for any post, especially one not directly related to gameplay – the poster also received Reddit Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These awards can be given to users by other people and have a real-world dollar amount attached to them. By tallying up the costs of the 22 Reddit Silvers, 12 Reddit Golds, and five Reddit Platinums, the user got over $60 worth of approval from other people who appreciated the post.

The full Fortnite story can be seen here.