'Fortnite' Season 8 Teaser Revealed, Hints at Pirate Theme

Epic Games’ first teaser for Fortnite’s eighth season has been revealed to show pirates will [...]

Epic Games' first teaser for Fortnite's eighth season has been revealed to show pirates will be involved in some manner.

Whether the entire season will be pirate-themed or not remains to be known, but the first in the series of what's expected to be several Season 8 teasers definitely oozes with pirate vibes. The rhyming teaser hints at treasure, loot, and an "X" that marks the spot, and if that isn't enough, the much more telling pirate hook found in the teaser gives an idea of what to expect from Season 8.

Fortnite Season 8 is expected to begin promptly on February 28th, so players can expect to see more teasers following this one as Epic Games builds up to the season's start. If past teasers like the ones for Season 7 are any indication of what's coming, the tweets which always included relevant images will be shared once per day until the season starts. Those images are always pertinent to the contents of the teased season as well – Season 7, for example, started with a teaser that showed what we now know was the Ice King, a character which was an integral part of Season 7. It also showed a character skiing down the side of the Ice King's shoulder, and several challenges that were featured in Season 7 had to do with ski lodges that were added to the map.

The pirate teaser for Season 8 also bolsters one of the strongest theories about the new season that suggests it'll be centered around water. Snow's been covering Fortnite's map on and off throughout Season 7, and it's expected that the snow, ice, and everything else that can be melted will turn into water while covering parts of the map and thawing out the frozen parts, or at least that's what players have discerned from teasers and in-game happenings. Pirates are quite fond of water, so the next season might have some aquatic features with fearsome pirate skins roaming the seas.

Whatever does happen in Season 8, we know that planes won't be a part of it. Epic Games confirmed recently that it plans on vaulting the Stormwing in Season 8, so don't expect to see any airborne pirates using that. There is a new vehicle in the works though that's expected to release in Season 8, so perhaps players will have a one-person vessel to cross the waters with.