'Fortnite' Brings Back Team Rumble and Unvaulted Limited Time Modes

Fortnite players have two more returning Limited Time Modes to play now that the Team Rumble and Unvaulted modes have returned for a short time.

Epic Games announced the return of the game modes on Wednesday, both of those game modes being ones that players have seen before but can now take part in once again. Both of the LTMs are live now, but Unvaulted is only playable in Duos, so players will want to have a friend with them to watch their backs with some previously Vaulted weapons.

Unvaulted is also called the “Classic” LTM, and as the name suggests, it brings back certain weapons that Epic Games has removed from Fortnite in past updates. Not every weapon or items has made a return though, so guns like the Drum Gun won’t be found in the game mode, but players will still be able to find other guns like the Tactical Submachine Gun and Submachine Gun. Throwable weapons like the Bouncers and Impulse Grenades are also back with some newer weapons being removed to make room for all the older, Vaulted guns. The game mode was first introduced at the start of the 14 Days of Fortnite event, but it’s returned once again now at the end.


While Unvaulted gives players a blast from the past as they use Vaulted weapons for a limited time, many people will likely be spending their time in the Team Rumble. The team-based game mode has become a popular one among Fortnite players since it allows them to battle in smaller teams with respawns turned on. Players spawn with a random type of ammo and stack of materials every time they’re eliminated and return to the game mode, but they get to keep their inventories. Instead of trying to eliminate the entire enemy team like Fortnite’s other team-based modes require, this game mode operates more like a team deathmatch with the number of eliminations determining the winner.

Fortnite’s Team Rumble and Unvaulted LTMs are now live in the battle royale game with no confirmed time or date revealed regarding when they’ll be removed.