Fortnite Replaces Fan-Favorite Gun With New SMG

Fortnite's new update released on Wednesday brought with it a new weapon, but that weapon came at a cost. With the new Charge SMG now added to the game, Fortnite players have had to say goodbye to the Combat SMG, for now. the latter has served as a formidable pick favorited among many players during the times it's been available, so it remains to be seen just how well – if at all – this new SMG will be able to take its place.

For those who didn't check through the patch notes and have been looking for their Combat SMG in Fortnite ever since the update dropped, Epic Games confirmed in those notes that the Combat SMG was no more. Replacing it is the weapon mentioned previously which fires off waves of bullets based on how long players held a charge first.

"Found from the ground, Chests, Supply Drops, Reality Saplings, and sharks, pick up the new Charge SMG to wind up a punch!" Epic Games said about this new weapon. "You'll activate a charge by holding down the trigger, and the more you hold it, the more bullets you'll release when you let go. How to know when to release? You'll see a gauge on-screen showing how far in the charge you are. Send a strategic full charge or a spontaneous partial charge!"

For the doubters out there, the Combat SMG is really and truly gone, for now, so get used to the Charge SMG for the time being.

"With the arrival of the Charge SMG, the Combat SMG has been vaulted," Epic Games confirmed.


The good news is that even if this new Fortnite weapon doesn't hold up quite as well as people might hope, it's not like the Combat SMG is gone for good. It being vaulted means that there's a chance it'll return in the future, and considering how widely used it was assuming players could score a rarer version of it, there's an even better chance at it returning in the future.

Fortnite's new update with its Charge SMG is now available to download.