Free Destiny 2: Fall Of Osiris Comic Hides A Secret Code For A Special Emblem

destiny 2 comic

With Curse of Osiris in full swing, there's plenty to do in the world of Destiny 2. The tale of Ikora's mentor is the latest narrative to hit the world of Guardians, but what about where it all started? Good news, Marvel writer Margaret Stohl is ready to tell that tale with the amazing new comic web series that is available now - Destiny: Fall of Osiris. And the best news? It's completely free!

The first issue is available now, but it will be a complete series. But to start off it's big reveal, it looks like Bungie made a point to hide a few loot drops within the comic-verse as well - luckily, you won't need any engrams to unlock this! Within the pages of the first of the series is hidden a code that when solved, will unlock an exclusive emblem for The Visionary.

The code itself is Morse code, and though we're about to majorly spoil the code (not the story), we do recommend that you read it for several reasons: it's free (so what could it hurt?), it's the origin story providing backdrop to the expansion going on now in Destiny 2, and the adventures of Osiris and what led to his downfall are actually pretty interesting! Plus, Stohl is a well-established writer known for her work with Marvel - so you really are in for a treat. That being said, if you're just not into comics - we've got you covered.

There isn't a specification on whether this emblem is available for a limited time only or not, so definitely jump on that soon just in case. In order to scoop up 'The Visionary' emblem, simply go to this Bungie link and enter in the code 'xfvkhpn97'. Once the code is redeemed, it will show up ion your collection under Emblems 2! Happy Holidays, Guardians!

Destiny 2, and Curse of Osiris - the game's first big expansion, are available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can also check out the free comic right here.