Gotham Knights Gets New PC Update With Patch Notes

Developer WB Games Montreal has today pushed out a new update for Gotham Knights on PC. Since launching near the end of last month, Gotham Knights has continued to receive a number of new updates across all of the game's various platforms to improve the overall experience. And while this new patch isn't available on PS5 or Xbox Series X, that's merely because most of the tweaks in this upgrade came to consoles last week. 

Available to download right now across Steam and Epic Games Store platforms, this latest patch for Gotham Knights largely fixes a number of various problems with the game. Not only does the update broadly fix a number of crashes that may have occurred for players, but WB Games Montreal has also adjusted some of the game's UI, menus, and other various options. 

As mentioned, though, much of what this new update for Gotham Knights on PC does is make similar fixes to the PS5 and Xbox Series X patch that arrived a week ago. This means that those playing on PC should now be able to properly unlock the Cosmic Batcycle and track collectibles more easily. Whether or not a more massive update for the action-adventure title will be rolling out soon isn't known, but at least all versions of Gotham Knights should be up to par. 

If you'd like to see everything that has been changed to Gotham Knights today on PC, you can find the full patch notes for this new update down below. 


  • Fix for "Cosmic" Batcycle colorway not being unlocked properly
  • Rewards fix for Historia Strigidae collectibles
  • Tracking fix for Batarang collectibles 
  • Community messages fix for proper localization
  • "Join player" unresponsive button fix
  • Modchip fusion animation fix
  • Modchip SFX fix when hovering over selected modchip
  • Scroll keyboard & mouse fix in Gear menus
  • Other button layout fixes when going from controller to keyboard & mouse
  • User interface (UI) fixes to lingering text in Abilities menu
  • Option to mute host being disabled has been fixed
  • FSR 2.0 not being applied after enabling has been fixed
  • CSI Cursor flickering fix
  • Online "Connection Lost" prompt is now displayed more promptly 


  • Crash fixes