GTA Online Adds Long Awaited Feature and Taxi Business

GTA Online has added a long-awaited future alongside the arrival of a taxi business. GTA Online has been going strong for nearly a decade at this point and just when you think there is quite literally nowhere else for this iteration of the game to go, Rockstar Games finds a way. It is getting to a point where Rockstar is adding things less frequently, however. Part of the reason for this is because the developer is knee-deep into the production of the next Grand Theft Auto game, which is expected to take place in Vice City and feature two protagonists. The scale is understandably quite large, so it requires more manpower as opposed to when Rockstar could crank out updates several times a year.

However, the developer has been pretty consistent lately with two updates every six months or so. The latest update, however, has spaced out its content to avoid these droughts. The latest addition to GTA Online includes a new taxi business that players can operate either by purchasing a cab from Warstock Cache & Carry or by visiting the Downtown Cab Co. depot on the corner of Tangerine Street and Mirror Park Boulevard in East Vinewood. If you're on Xbox Series X|S or PS5, players can also now fast travel in GTA Online. If you call the Downtown Cab Co. from your phone, you can choose a pre-determined destination and fast travel there. If you're a GTA+ subscriber, the trips are free of cost and the cooldown is only 5 minutes long. 

All in all, it's a pretty nice addition to the game. It gives players new features to quickly traverse the map, a new way to pass the time and generate money or even roleplay, and shows the developer is listening to fans when it comes to adding stuff. Only time will tell what's next, but we'll likely get another big GTA Online update in the spring or summer.

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