GTA Online Is Giving Away Another Free Vehicle

It wasn't long ago now that Grand Theft Auto Online players got a vehicle added to their garages for free whenever players were gifted the Dinka Verus in February and March. Now, Rockstar Games is following up that giveaway with another free vehicle that's available to claim now in the online game. That vehicle is the Lampadati Tropos Rallye, and you've got until April 14 to claim yours before it's no longer available for free.

The new vehicle giveaway was included in the overview of this week's routine GTA Online update. If you haven't seen the vehicle yet, you can get a preview of it below to show what's waiting for you when you claim it. The vehicle might not be to everyone's liking if it's not what you typically look for in your GTA Online purchases, but free is free.

You'll have to claim it from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos to have it in your garage which shouldn't take too long to do next time you're on GTA Online.

"Few cars are as comfortable on tarmac as they are climbing up a mud-slicked cliff face, weaving between tree branches and boulders — the Lampadati Tropos Rallye is one such vehicle," Rockstar Games said about the vehicle. "All players can claim a free Tropos Rallye from Southern San Andreas Super Autos any time this week from April 8th until April 14, 2021."

The free stuff doesn't stop there with this week's update either. Players can ride around in their new vehicle in a couple of new Jock Cranley suits after they've gained those as well simply for logging into GTA Online this week.


"Whether you're a fanatical supporter of Blaine County's finest export — the stuntman-turned-politician-turned-commentator Jock Cranley — or simply an adrenaline addict with a taste for spiffy clothes, logging into GTA Online this week will land you the Gold, Silver, Pink and Black Jock Cranley Suits, all free of charge," Rockstar Games said about the clothing giveaways.

GTA Online's latest update is now available across all platforms with the free vehicle available to claim between now and April 14th.