GTA Online: How to Earn a $250K Bonus This Weekend

Grand Theft Auto Online players who’ve been eyeing something new for their garages can get much closer to whatever they want to purchase with an easy $250K mission that’s available right now. All players have to do is find a couple of movie props that have been scattered around the city, and the best part of this bonus is that it’s something players may have already been doing and now have a head start on. The big GTA$250K bonus is only live for a few more days though, so players who don’t act quickly may end up missing out on the reward entirely.

The mission in question tasks players with recovering stolen movie props. GTA Online NPC Solomon Richards is big on movies and movie memorabilia which made him a prime target thanks to his collection of valuables. There are 10 of the props in all that are now located throughout the city, and he’s ready to pay for their return.

To find them, you’ll want to start scouring the city as soon as possible to look for things that definitely seem out of place. Some of them are located in vehicles as well, so when you’re cruising around on your normal missions, keep an eye out for vehicles matching the description in the overview of the event below.

“While wheeling and dealing around the city, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for misplaced memorabilia and thieves loading props into unmarked vans,” Rockstar Games said about its limited-time reward. “Solomon Richards, infamous titan of the film industry, will handsomely reward you for these cherished keepsakes: find all 10 of his stolen movie prop collectibles by September 23rd to receive a reward of GTA$250K within the next seven days.”


The catch here is that you only have until September 23rd to do it, but there’s a bright side to the challenge, too. Since the props have been around in GTA Online for a while now, there’s a good chance some players have already found a few of them or perhaps all of them. Any progress you made before counts towards this challenge, and if you’ve already found them all and returned them to Solomon Richards, you’ll get your reward within the week.

GTA Online’s Solomon Richards movie prop mission is live now until September 23rd.