GTA Online Update Adds Treasure Chests and New Vehicle

This week’s GTA Online update has more of the expected weekly content but also something new for players to look into. In addition to the expected bonuses and discounts, the update has also added Treasure Chests to the game that’ll give players a way to score an easy GTA$100K just for finding them. Another new vehicle has also been added to the game in case players are looking for something to spend that money on that they earned from their treasure hunts.

Rockstar Games shared the latest on its Treasure Chests and everything else included in the GTA Online update on Thursday. These Treasure Chests will fittingly be found around Cayo Perico, and if players can find two of them in one day, they’ll earn the sizable sum of money that’ll be given to them within the next few days.

“Tourists and treasure-hunters visiting Cayo Perico this week should keep an eye out for Treasure Chests while Scoping and when on their final approach, as collecting both Treasure Chests within a single day this week will earn you an extra GTA$100K when you log in next week,” Rockstar Games said. “Please allow up to 72 hours after logging in next week for the deposit to clear in your Maze Bank account.”

When you’re done hunting for treasure, you can fall back on the usual rewards from the weekly updates that you get from playing certain game modes. All Survivals modes will grant players twice the rewards this week, and anyone who logs in from now until January 20th will get the Shark Livery for the Pegassi Toreador for free.

The vehicle seen in the embedded tweet above was also added to the game and can now be purchased from Warstock, Rockstar Games announced.


“Rugged, powerful, and fast enough to peel your eyelids back — the Maibatsu Manchez Scout was built to maneuver the muddiest trails on Earth, but it’s also a damn fine answer to a question as old as time: ‘How’re you gonna jump that?’ Whether you’re using it as the Maibatsu Corporation designed or to tempt gravity and fate, you can purchase this motorcycle from Warstock now,” Rockstar Games said.

GTA Online’s latest update with its new features and weekly offerings is now live across all platforms.