‘Halo’ Fan Dresses Up as Master Chief For Saints Playoff Game

Tonight was a great night for NFL football, as the New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles went to their limit, with the “Who dat?” team prevailing and moving on to next week’s finals. But it was also a great place to see Saints fans go all out for their team, even if that meant dressing as...Master Chief from Halo?

Master Chief

Yep. The official account for the popular Xbox One series showcased a GIF featuring a fan that dressed up as Master Chief for the game, standing next to another that had Darth Maul style makeup from Star Wars, but with Saints gold coloring instead of solid red. You can see the GIF from their Twitter account below.

The tweet comes as a reply from the Sunday Night Football on NBC Twitter account, which noted what happens when you’re headed to Comic-Con and a football game breaks out. You can see that tweet below.

It’s all in good fun, and the fans had a great time responding to the nerdiness as well:


Clearly the fans had a lot of fun. Now we just have to wonder if they’ll make a return for next week’s game, when the Saints take on the Rams next Sunday, January 20, at 3:05 PM EDT on Fox.

Which hero do you want to see show up at a Saints game? Let me know on Twitter at @TheDCD!