Hideo Kojima, Xbox, and More Developers to Make Announcements at Gamescom Live Show

Europe's big Gamescom event will kick off on August 19th with a live show that's now known to feature over 15 different companies who will have more to share on their games. Geoff Keighley, the host of the Gamescom: Opening Night Live show that'll take place on the first day will play host to these reveals with publishers like Xbox Game Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and more appearing for the event. Death Stranding is the only specific game that's been confirmed to make an appearance so far.

Keighley announced the plans for the Opening Night Live on Tuesday in a press release as well as through social media where a list of the show's attending companies was shared. Hideo Kojima, game director for Sony's Death Stranding, is a headliner for the event and will take the stage to talk about the cryptic game. Other game developers will do the same to discuss their projects. This live show will be held in Cologne, Germany, and will be streamed in eight different languages to accommodate viewers around the world.

The press release about the event confirmed that "Hideo Kojima will make a special live appearance during the show to present a new look at Death Stranding." A full list of the studios known to make appearances so far can be found below along with an "and more" teaser to indicate that this won't be everything that we see. Another announcement from the official Gamescom account said Kojima would share "exclusive previews into Death Stranding."

Keighley also confirmed that those on Twitch will be able to co-stream the event just like they did with prior shows, so if you've got a favorite streamer who will be streaming during the show, you can watch it through their channel.

One studio in the lineup that's already caught the attention of people is Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony skipped E3 which means this will be the first major gaming event they've made an appearance at recently. With Kojima already taking the stage to talk about Death Stranding himself, it begs the question of what Sony will bring to the event.


Gamescom: Opening Night Live will take place on August 19th.