Hitman's Agent 47 Will Have Hair in Upcoming TV Adaptation

When the beloved Hitman video game franchise finally makes its way to TV, the lead character we've [...]

When the beloved Hitman video game franchise finally makes its way to TV, the lead character we've all come to know will look a lot different than we're used to. In addition to his lethal abilities as a contract killer, Agent 47 is known by many for his iconic bald appearance. In Hulu's upcoming TV adaptation, however, the character will have a full head of hair. At least, he'll start out that way.

Not much is known about the Hitman TV series, and it has been in the works for quite some time. But writer Derek Kolstad recently sat down with Collider to talk about his various projects, and revealed a little information about the Hitman show, including Agent 47's change in appearance.

"I wrote Episode 1 and 2, and what was great is they let me come in [and] introduce a character like that to our post-modern world," Kolstad explained. "And I did it very much like The Third Man meets Three Days in the Condor. You're introduced to a guy who's very much the hitman we know from the games, but he's got a full head of hair, and he's independent. He has a handler, he's got a life, he's very much that early '80s, late '70s assassin we read about in the books, right? But at a certain point, he gets a gig, and that gig unveils the reality that no choice he's ever made has been his own. And of course, the show ends with him at a mirror, finding hidden under his skin, the barcode. So suddenly it becomes a mystery of 'who am I, really?' [Jason] Bourne did that excellently. This is more of, 'what is true in regards to the people in my life? What has been manufactured, what are thoughts, etc.' It's the nature versus nurture of it all."

A big reason for 47's hair will be to hide the barcode on the back of his head, making its discovery a vital part of the show's plot. This adds some new layers to the character that will make him better for an ongoing television story.

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