John Cygan, AKA Metal Gear’s Solidus Snake, Has Passed Away


One of the most iconic voice actors in the Metal Gear series has unexpectedly passed away.

John Cygan, a voice actor who’s also provided voiceovers for games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, as well as voicing the iconic Solidus, has passed awaya t the age of 63.

Actor Michael Chiklis posted the news over the weekend on his Twitter account, noting, “John Cygan, one of my closest friends in this world, has passed away,” he noted. “Impossible to adequately describe the magnitude of his loss to my family and I.”

The two had actually worked on the 90’s show The Commish before Cygan moved on to do voiceover work, although he also appeared in other shows, including Frasier and The X-Files, amongst others.

He’s got an iconic listing of roles in games, including Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (as Iron Man), Grand Theft Auto V, Final Fantasy XV, Mafia III and World of Warcraft: Legion, along with countless others.

“Our hearts and all of our love are pouring out to John’s beautiful wife Cathy and his remarkable children, Annie and Jack,” Chiklis continued. “We started our friendship by playing best friends in The Commish…Sometimes art does imitate life.

“You are loved, adored and already horribly missed Johnny. I know this…Heaven just got a lot funnier. RIP brother.”

Cygan also did a number of voiceovers for Pixar films, including Toy Story 3, Inside Out, Up and Wall-E, providing additional depth to side characters in each one. He also portrayed a number of characters in Regular Show In Space, as well as Minions, Broken Age (as Spoon) and Mater’s Tall Tales, amongst other pieces of countless work.

We certainly pass along our condolences to Cygan’s colleagues, friends and family. It’s indeed a rough loss, and Cygan’s scope of work certainly can’t be denied. In fact, Metal Gear Solid fans should check out Sons of Liberty again and relive one of his greatest roles. Or, of course, watch a few older episodes of The Commish for good measure.

Rest in peace, John.