Jurassic Park Monopoly Features An Electronic Gate That Roars and Plays Music


Rampages in Monopoly are fairly common when tempers rise, but this time around a T-Rex will be involved. That's because Hasbro has released a version of Monopoly that's based on the iconic 1993 film Jurassic Park, and the twist is a vicious T-Rex that can move around the board and damage property. The game even features an electronic Jurassic Park gate that roars and plays the film's theme song!

You can play as one of six characters from the film - Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Alan Grant, John Hammond, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Lex Murphy, or Tim Murphy. You can build fences to protect your property (paddocks) from dinosaur attacks and charge more rent, but keep in mind that the T-Rex token must move every turn. If the T-Rex lands on a paddock, it will be destroyed - unless it has a fence (fences are destroyed in the process and must be rebuilt). The T-Rex can also force players to pay the bank if it lands on a space occupied by a token.


As for the electronic gate, it will play the Jurassic Park theme song or a dinosaur roar at the press of a button. If you pass or land on the GO space, you must press that button. The sound you hear will determine how much money can be collected.

In Jurassic Park Monopoly, the player that avoids bankruptcy wins, but everyone loses if the T-Rex damages all of the properties before they can be protected with fences or repaired.

There are countless special editions of Monopoly out there, but the Jurassic Park edition as a better twist that most. It seems like a fun new way to experience the classic game. If you agree, pre-orders for the game are live on Entertainment Earth now for $29.99 with a release date set for May.


Jurassic Park Monopoly follows the release of a whole bunch of new Jurassic World toys that are also available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth now.

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