Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3 Leak Reveals Unannounced World Set in Classic Pixar Universe

You already know what to do. Put on your cynical skeptic's cap, and ready the salt. We have a rumored leak this morning that could be showing us an unannounced world in Kingdom Hearts III. A member of the ResetERA community, who goes by the name "Wrestleman," created a thread to show off some new images this morning, and there was no shortage of warnings and disclaimers.

"I have no idea if these are legitimate, but they seem pretty convincing. I have no idea what the source of them is. The person who sent them to me got them from a different person who also did not give a source. The person only told my acquaintance 'got them from a friend who got them from an FTP server where they were quickly removed afterwards.'" If you're wanting to go into Kingdom Hearts III completely blind and unspoiled, now would be the time to stop reading.

The images in question are showing off a Monsters Inc. world, which has us incredibly excited. Both images are set in the same area, and the first image shows off a boss (or mid-boss, at least):

kingdom hearts 3 1

This doesn't look like the main lobby that we know from Monsters Inc., and it's definitely not the scare floor. Glancing 'round the periphery you'll notice that all of the openings, save one, are closed off and barred by heavy metal barriers. We're assuming that some kind of lock-down triggers after it's discovered that Sora is a human being. The second image is bombarded with data:

kingdom hearts 3 2

Here we see Sully for the first time, who we assume will be joining your party with Mike for the duration of this chapter. The data everywhere, which is overlaid with even more notation, does seem to indicate that this image was meant to be circulated internally at Square Enix. Then again, this could be an elaborate fake.

If true, the Monsters Inc. world would join an already-incredible roster alongside Big Hero 6, Tangled, Hercules, and Toy Story. We really hope this pans out to be real. The images, if fake, were created by a talented artist. William of Ockham might suggest that we just accept these images as leaks since that's the easiest conclusion, but in 2017 you never know. Stay tuned, guys, we'll be keeping an eye on this thread for further developments.