Kong: Skull Island Director Notes ‘Scheming’ With Hideo Kojima On Metal Gear Solid Film

Metal Gear

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has made quite a name for himself, thanks to the awesome monster fest that was last year's Kong: Skull Island. But now he's moving on to something even more ambitions – a big-screen adaptation of Metal Gear Solid, the classic Konami espionage game featuring the notable hero Solid Snake.

Vogt-Roberts hasn't talked too much about the adaptation just yet, as he's likely keeping it under wraps before it eventually moves into production. But it appears he's got one hell of a consultant that he's turning to when it comes to bringing the film to life – Hideo Kojima.

Now, Kojima is quite busy as it is, working on the PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding, following his hasty departure from Konami after he finished worked on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But it appears he's saving some time to work alongside Vogt-Roberts, possibly as a consultant for the big-screen project.

While Kojima's role wasn't revealed, Vogt-Roberts recently took to Twitter to show that the two of them were chatting about, well, something, and he noted that they were "scheming." Hmmm, a plan is forming. You can see the tweet and the image in question below.

It's great to see Kojima working with Vogt-Roberts to some extent on the film, despite everything that went down with Konami a while back that forced him to strike out on his own with Kojima Productions. But now we're intrigued, for a couple of reasons.

First, to what extent is Kojima involved? Is he allowing Vogt-Roberts to get all the intel for Metal Gear Solid so he can make quite possibly the best video-game-to-movie adaptation yet? Or is he merely serving as a guide while the spirited director serves up a number of ideas?

Also, what's up with Kojima's mug topper? Whatever it is, it looks insanely cool, and who knows, we might see it pop up in Death Stranding at some point. Y'know, because it looks insanely cool.


We'll do a little digging and see what role Kojima is serving with the film, but with him on board – and Vogt-Roberts' talents, we could be in for quite a ride.

The Metal Gear Solid movie doesn't have a release date, but we'll let you know once one is announced!