League of Legends Ability Icons Updated for Renekton and Others

League of Legends Renekton
(Photo: Riot Games)

Several League of Legends champions now have updated icons for all of their abilities with the release of Patch 7.24.

Just like the individual champions that have their models updated, it’s clear when you look at some of the newer champions compared to the older ones that some ability icons look a bit outdated. The icons for older champions have continually been updated, but when evaluating the importance of those against more significant changes like the new runes and getting things ready for the preseason, it’s easy to imagine that the icons would take a backseat to other improvements.

Four new champions – Amumu, Dr. Mundo, Nunu, and Renekton – all had their ability icons updated in the recent patch. We’re pretty partial to the new icons for Amumu and Nunu, but each one of the icons for the four champions have noticeable improvements compared to their previous versions. You can check out all of the tiny icons in-game when you play as the champions, but if you just want a quick look at them, they can all be seen in the Ability Icon Updates section of the patch notes.

Speaking on the topic of the changes, Riot Meddler commented on the icon updates in a Gameplay Thoughts post. The Rioter mentioned a while back that the ability icons for certain champions would be updated eventually, but the date kept getting pushed back. Now that the update for a few of the champions’ icons is finally here, Meddler added that they still have plans to update others at some point, though no timeframe was given on when those would be finished.

“We've finally got some updated ability icons for Mundo, Renekton, Nunu and Amumu in patch 7.24,” Riot Meddler said. “Took a lot longer than originally expected when I first mentioned them, since the artist who was working on them got suddenly pulled onto something else. Glad to have them done though and, while I wouldn't want to make any promises beyond 'sometime next year', we'll also do some further champs who've got old icons that look poor at some point.”