League of Legends Tests New Buffs and Nerfs for Worlds Patch

League of Legends’ Worlds patch is approaching which means it’s about time we start seeing [...]

League of Legends' Worlds patch is approaching which means it's about time we start seeing some nerfs and buffs tested that are heavily swayed by how the professional players are doing. Ahead of the Worlds patch's release, a preview of the changes planned for the update has been shared to show a couple of notable nerfs for the top performers in pro play as well as nearly three times as many buffs for other champions. Buffs for Fiora and nerfs for champions like Karma and Yuumi are some of the standout changes that have been noticed so far.

Players on the PBE can test out the changes to see how they feel now ahead of the patch's release. For those who don't have a PBE account, lead gameplay designer Riot Scruffy shared a breakdown of all the changes currently planned for the update.

You can see that full list of changes below, but like other parts of the PBE, some of these things could and almost certainly will be changed before the update is released.

One of the most eye-catching buffs that's already been pointed out by players is the one for Fiora, a champion that already excels at dueling champions in 1v1 situations. The buff that makes her Lunge work on other objects like turrets and plants and separate buff that makes her Bladework work on turrets won't increase here power against other champions unless she gets crafty with some Q dodges, but it will make her a more powerful split-pusher.

On the other side of the patch, we've got notable nerfs for champions like Karma and Yuumi. Karma's nerfs appear to be targeted at the solo-lane Karma players, particularly those in mid who build more damage and support items, while Yuumi's lower the champion's Prowling Projectile. The champion designer for Yuumi commented on the changes and noted that they were "pretty heavy." Garen's been left out of the changes listed by Riot Scruffy, so Yuumi's new lane partner won't be touched at the moment.

An official release date for the Worlds patch hasn't been announced, but look for more news about buffs and nerfs before it's available.