League of Legends Checklist Released to Get Players Ready for Clash

League of Legends is bringing Clash back towards the end of this month, and for many players, this’ll be their first encounter with the game mode. It was first introduced long ago but didn’t work nearly as well as intended, so Riot Games took it offline to get it working like it should. Numerous tests have been conducted to work towards that goal and now that its time has almost come, Riot released a helpful checklist to make sure players don’t miss out on the occasion.

February 22nd and February 23rd will be the days players can expect to participate in the return of the Clash during the mode’s first official comeback tournament. If you’ve been trying out the tests as they were held in different regions, you’re likely well-versed in the how-to of joining a Clash tournament and don’t need much of an introduction. Whether you’ve participated in Clash or not though, you’ll want to keep in mind that the whole experience actually begins a few days before the weekend when people start putting together their teams.

Riot walked newcomers and veterans through the weeklong process in a checklist that breaks down all the most important steps. That list of guidelines can be seen below with the new process of players participating in three games per day highlighted at the end.


  • Finish your placements in either Solo/Duo or Flex
  • Activate account SMS verification in the client (in "General" under Settings)
  • Field a team of 5
  • Buy a ticket: 975 BE or 195 RP for basic, 975 RP for premium
    • You can buy tickets for your teammates, too


  • Team creation opens Monday, February 17
  • Matches are on Saturday, February 22 and Sunday, February 23
  • Lock in for matches begins at 5:00 PST
    • You can compete on either day or both days
    • Both days require their own tickets
    • You can change teams between days
    • Day 1 and Day 2 are completely unrelated brackets. Day 2 is just as rewarding whether you won, lost, or skipped Day 1.
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League of Legends’ Clash mode returns on February 22nd and February 23rd, so be sure to be ready for it before then by following the checklist above.