League of Legends' End-of-season Profile Rewards Leaked

Part of the end-of-season rewards for League of Legends' ranked players have been leaked ahead of their official announcement.

The news of the upcoming rewards comes from the massive announcement that came on Monday related to the upcoming runes and their PBE rollout. It informed players about the new runes and allowed them to create simulations of their rune paths so that they could plan out their combinations, but it also revealed a bit about what League's ranked community can look forward to at the end of the season.

While most readers were likely fixated on taking in all the preseason news, one player caught something unusual in one of the announcement's photos. Shown below is an image in the announcement that has a platinum border beneath the name, something that's definitely different from the current profile screen in the client. After checking the page again later on, the user found that the embellishment beneath the name had been blacked out, an edit that made it seem as though that was something we weren't supposed to see just yet.

League of Legends Ranked Rewards
(Photo: narathegreatestvia Reddit)

AfterReddit user narathegreatest posted their findings and speculated that the supposed leak indicated new profile boarders were coming next season to reflect your rank, Riot Games took notice and replied to the post. Their response confirms that this in indeed something that players can expect to receive at the end of this season, but this isn't the finished product.

Riot Draggles explained that the image didn't represent the final version of the flashy borders that are currently being called "insignias." These will be different from the loading screen flairs however, so players will likely be able to have variations of both of these. Another user posted a picture of their PBE account that currently has some sort of white rectangle under their name and asked if the new insignias had anything to do with that as well, and Draggles responded that it most likely does.


The Rioter also added that more information is expected to come on these new insignias towards the end of the season, so there's still plenty of time to rank up and earn the rank you want to have on display.