League of Legends Is Improving First Win of the Day Bonus, Leveling Rewards

The leveling system in League of Legends is receiving several changes that’ll help players end [...]

League of Legends

The leveling system in League of Legends is receiving several changes that'll help players end up with better rewards and more Blue Essence after every level.

While earning Blue Essence and champion shards after every level gives players something to look forward to, changes to the system have been suggested since it was introduced that included giving more Blue Essence and making the First Win of the Day bonus more impactful. After listening to all of the feedback, Riot Games is tweaking three different areas that are summarized below in the TL;DR from Riot Cactopus.

  • "Milestone emotes are now free and we're refunding anyone who already used BE to unlock them.
  • Leveling capsules will now give out more raw blue essence and fewer low-value shards.
  • To make the "First Win of the Day" more generous, we're making it reset 20 hours after you earn it (instead of 22 hours).

The last point is the most self-explanatory of the three with the FWotD bonus now resetting two hours earlier so that players can earn the bonus more frequently. It's not going to reset at a certain time every day, but that change is being considered for a later date.

As for the milestone rewards, these emotes are distributed once players hit certain levels such as 40, 50, 75, 100, and so on. A chart included with the Rioter's announcement details what you'll get from each milestone, but the real news here is that the milestone emotes will now be free for everyone. You'll no longer have to pay Blue Essence to unlock them, and anyone who already paid for their emotes will be refunded.

And between those milestone levels, you'll also find better rewards coming from each of the minor levels.

"We're going to retune the system so that it never drops more than a couple 260 RP champion shards at once when you level up," Riot Cactopus said. "Instead, you'll now receive some combination of shards along with a batch of BE. This change won't affect the overall amount of BE you get from each drop, but we think it'll make each drop feel a little better."

Some of the changes are going live now while others will be implemented later during the patch cycle.