Here's How League of Legends' Honor System Changes Next Year

League of Legends Honor
(Photo: Riot Games)

The newly-revamped Honor system in League of Legends is receiving even more changes next year that’ll provide more clarity and consistent rewards.

As announced when the new Honor system was revealed, every player’s Honor level is reset at the end of each season to allow for a new climb to the top. If you were among the most honorable players at Level 5, you’ll receive a head start on other players, but everyone will be reset to Level 2.

While players tested out the new Honor system throughout recent months and climbed the ranks while honoring their teammates, there were some suggestions for improvements, one of which was a progress indicator. That mechanic was avoided by Riot Games so as not to turn the Honor system into a grind for rewards, but a compromise has been reached: Players will have checkpoints during each Honor level that shows their progress. At each full level, you’ll receive an Honor Capsule, and from every checkpoint and from Level 5 onwards, Honor Orbs will be earned.

A post from Riot NeuroCat explained the changes in detail that are now live on the PBE for testing:

  • Checkpoints: players will now hit three “checkpoints” on the way to the next level, and players with Honor levels 2-4 will see that reflected in their profile.
  • Honor reset: Players who are levels 3+ will be reset to a checkpoint between levels 2 and 3 as follows:
    • Level 5 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 3
    • Level 4 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 2
    • Level 3 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 1
    • Level 2 last season -> Level 2, Checkpoint 0
    • Level 0 & 1 -> stay at current level
  • Rewards: You will get one level-specific Honor Capsule when you reach levels 3, 4, and 5. Level-specific Honor Orbs will drop at every checkpoint and keep coming after level 5.

The Honor Orbs are new to the system, and when asked about what they’d contain, NeuroCat said that they’ll “generally contain key fragments and Blue Essence/Champ Shards.” The Honor Capsules will contain a better version of what’s in the Orbs, and the higher levels that you climb will reward you with better content in the Capsules and Orbs.

Honor progress has been sped up on the PBE to allow players to test through all of the changes before they eventually go live, but the system is subject to change based on feedback and Riot’s decisions.