League of Legends Trailer Previews Irelia's Reworked Abilities

A League of Legends champion trailer for the reworked Irelia was released to show off some of the [...]

A League of Legends champion trailer for the reworked Irelia was released to show off some of the champion's new abilities.

The trailer didn't give names or descriptions for Irelia's new spells, so while their varying effects and damage types remain unknown, players can at least get an idea of how Irelia chains her abilities together. One thing that the trailer does confirm though is Irelia's new title. Instead of being called "The Will of the Blades" like she currently is named, her new title is "The Blade Dancer," a title that certainly fits judging from what's seen in the trailer.

Following teasers earlier in the week that focused on Irelia's splash art, voice, and music, the new trailer begins in a similar way by showing off the reworked champion's visuals, sounds, and perhaps even her in-game dance. As the trailer moves on to her actual gameplay that shows off the new abilities, it begins with what looks to be her ultimate judging by how dramatic it looks. Irelia casts her blades towards enemies to create an arena around them with only one opening, though it's unclear whether enemies can pass through the walls of blades. The ability also appears to mark both Kayn and Cassiopeia when it strikes them, though what that mark does and how its consumed wasn't clear.

However, two mechanics that Riot Games seems to have carried over in Irelia's rework is her stun and her dash. The champion stuns Cassiopeia with what appears to be an ability that involves two blades cast in a manner that makes a long line with enemies caught in the path being stunned after a brief delay. This move is seen again later in the video during her fight with Riven where its effects are clearer. Though the dash has been adjusted with the rest of her kit, that ability was always one that was expected to be included in her kit since the rework was announced.

"Like I mentioned before, we're keeping her current Q, Bladesurge, as we believe it's a great ability that's core to Irelia, and we'll even be spicing it up by giving her more reset opportunities," said Riot Reav3 back in October.

Irelia's passive is hard to pick up on from the trailer, though it could involve the marks put on enemies through various effects, but the final ability looks similar to Fiora's Parry or Xin Zhao's ultimate. Irelia blocks incoming damage with a ring of rotating blades before striking out in a direction, a move seen in her fights against Swain and Katarina.

Irelia will be released in Patch 8.7, but look for full details on the champ to be revealed soon before she hits the PBE for testing.