League of Legends' LCS and LEC Announce Return, Will Play Matches Online

With all professional sports postponed for the indefinite future thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like the timing couldn't be any better for esports to find an even wider audience than before. Following the announcement that Call of Duty League will finish the remainder of their season in an online format, the League of Legends Championship Series and League of Legends European Championship have similarly announced that their matches will also resume in an online format. In perhaps more exciting news, the online format will kick-off this weekend, on Friday, March 20th, and a schedule for the rest of the games has been set.

In the announcement, Riot Games states that the broadcast might not be up to the usual quality, as they attempt to work with the new format. As such, some issues with the broadcast might occur over the weekend, but it seems likely that things will improve as the rest of the season moves forward. Considering that the decision to switch to an online format seems to have been made in just the last few days, it's certainly to be expected.

One change that fans can expect as a result of the change is the elimination of Monday Night League. Monday games will be shifted to Saturday and Sunday. Academy Rush will be cancelled, and in its place, fans can instead see the five Academy games broadcast one after the other.

For League fans, this is definitely good news. While other sports leagues will have to figure out the best way to resume their seasons when it's safe to do so, LCS and LEC will be able to pick right back up, with only a very slight change in format. Fans can watch all of the match-ups at Watch.lolesports.com or on YouTube. LCS matches can be seen on both of those sources, or on Twitch.


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