New 'League of Legends' Passive for Lissandra Revealed

League of Legends' ice mage Lissandra is getting a new passive with Riot Games revealing the best look yet at the updated ability.

Riot Games said back in March that the Iceborn champion would be getting a new passive that better capitalized on her theme. Lissandra's kit is full of crowd control with the champion able to completely lock down one enemy or affect multiple enemies during a teamfight. Previous options for her passive included giving bonus damage against impaired targets instead of being a mana tool like it is now, but Riot Games shifted towards a different idea that turned dead champions into frozen statues that explode and deal damage.

League of Legends design director Andrei "Riot Meddler" van Roon said that the work-in-progress has encountered some problems internally, but other options have been considered.

"A little while back I mentioned that the Lissandra passive we've been testing (enemy champs killed become frozen statues that slow enemies, then explode) had been running into some issues with reliability Been testing a range of different ways to address that since and have settled on one that's been really good in testing over the last couple of weeks.

The new passive variation referenced above is called "Iceborn Subjugation," a move that operates similarly to the active effect of Twin Shadows but with damage dealt at the end. Riot Meddler shared an image of the ability's tooltip with its effects detailed below.

Iceborn Subjugation

  • When an enemy champion dies near Lissandra they become a Frozen Thrall.
  • Frozen Thralls seek out living enemies, slowing their movement speed when nearby by 25%. After 4 seconds, Frozen Thralls shatter from the intense cold, dealing 120 (+0) magic damage.

Sharing more specifics of the new ability, Riot Meddler said that the Frozen Thralls that chase down enemies would start moving slowly at first but would gain speed over the duration of their chase. Enemy champions will be the priority over minions, but Lissandra players will at least get some extra minion damage out of the move should there be no more champions in the lane with her. The Rioter also warned that the numbers seen in the tooltip haven't gone through "rigorous balance tuning" yet, so they're subject to change.

A release timeframe for when League of Legends players will be able to test Lissandra's passive on the PBE wasn't given.