New 'League of Legends' Login Screen Gets Players Ready for Season 9

League of Legends' latest login screen to be found before it heads to players' clients is one made to get everyone hyped for the start of Season 9.

Shared by frostyNinja, a YouTuber who collects all the login screens for each of League of Legends' events, champion releases, and other special occasions, the login screen above shows several different champions in much more realistic versions than they're usually shown. Blitzcrank, Yasuo, Karma, Irelia, and Warwick represent several of the different roles champions fill. No ADCs are included in the login animation, but they had their time in the spotlight last year with champions like Jinx, Jhin, and Lucian headlining the login animation for the previous season.

The start of the next League of Legends season isn't far away either with the beginning of the season just under a week away. Players have been trying out Riot Games' new ranked settings during the preseason, but those changes will fully go into effect on January 24th with positional ranks and seasonal splits changing the ranked landscape compared to the past year. Rewards will be distributed after each three-month split concludes with better rewards earned as players keep playing through the splits.

There are also two new ranked tiers for players to fall into, something that Riot Games explained in detail late last year and has continued to elaborate on since the change was revealed. Those tiers are Iron and Grandmaster, and the addition of both tiers means the lowest division of each tier – Division 5 – is being removed to lessen the grind.

"We landed on adding two new tiers," Riot SapMagic said in the video above which was shared when the changes were first revealed. "The first tier, Iron, is going below Bronze to help give those players an opportunity to get better recognition as they get better at the game. The second tier is Grandmaster which is going between Master and Challenger and gives us a chance to perform a long overdue calibration of the top of the ladder and better differentiate those players based on their skill."


League of Legends' Season 9 is scheduled to begin on January 24th.