League of Legends Is Partially Refunding Pulsefire Caitlyn for Certain Players

If you bought Pulsefire Caitlyn recently but noticed that the skin has recently gone on sale, [...]

Pulsefire Caitlyn
(Photo: Riot Games)

If you bought Pulsefire Caitlyn recently but noticed that the skin has recently gone on sale, you'll be able to get part of your RP back.

Pulsefire Caitlyn is a still quite new on the market, but that's exactly why some players are eligible for a partial refund. Because it's so new, it's able to go on sale as part of the Early Sales that discount some of the more recent skins like God Fist Lee Sin and some of those in the Cosmic and Dark Star skin lines. Her Pulsefire skin is currently on sale in the store, but the ongoing discount wasn't noted before the sale like the way that the discounts are usually announced.

Because of that, some players purchased Pulsefire Caitlyn a week ago and then quickly saw it go on sale when the Early Sales went live on Nov. 17. After more players began realizing that it'd gone on sale and some voiced their frustration with having just purchased it at full price, Riot Games said that they'll be giving back RP to make up the price difference to those who purchased the skin with a certain timeframe.

"Our promise is that sales are announced at least two weeks before they happen so y'all have the opportunity to decide if you want to wait for the sale," said Riot Evaelin. "However, this time, Pulsefire Caitlyn was left off of the November sales announcement, and that was an oversight on our part - so we are currently in the process of refunding everyone who purchased Pulsefire Caitlyn from November 3rd up until the sale started the difference of her regular price and her early sale price."

If you were one of those players who unfortunately purchased Pulsefire Caitlyn between Nov. 3 and the sale date, you're now able to get back part of your RP simply by contacting Riot Games and putting in a ticket for your purchase. Once you get back that RP, you might even want to look at the rest of the Early Sales while they are still available because the sale is only live until Nov. 20.