League of Legends Raised Over $2 Million for Charity During Worlds

League of Legends raised over $2 million for three different charities during the Worlds [...]

League of Legends Championship Ashe
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends raised over $2 million for three different charities during the Worlds competition through the sale of limited-edition in-game items.

Those who remember the beginning of the game's charity event will recall that Riot Games made an announcement several months ago detailing how the money would be raised and divided. Riot said that they would match a portion of the sales of the Championship Ashe skin and the 2017 Championship ward skin and put that money towards the three charity organizations – BasicNeeds, Learning Equality, and The Raspberry Pi Foundation – with players able to vote on how the money would be allocated. The higher the player's honor level, the more weight their vote carried when choosing between the three charities.

The organization with the most votes would receive 50 percent of the money raised while the other two organizations would receive 25 percent each. With millions of votes pouring in, BasicNeeds, a group that works to support those with mental illnesses, received the majority of the votes. They received the bulk of the money that was raised, a total that comes to at least $2.35 million at the time that Riot Games made their announcement, but the other two organizations also received over half a million dollars each.

  • BasicNeeds - $1,175,000.00 USD (50% of the donation pool)
  • Learning Equality - $587,500.00 USD (25% of the donation pool)
  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation - $587,500.00 USD (25% of the donation pool)

Each one of the organizations responded to the donations with huge thanks directed towards Riot Games as well as the entire League of Legends community, both of which were vital in raising such a large amount of money for these charities. The responses can all be seen through the official charity announcement that detailed the final results.

The Championship Ashe skin was on the market for 1350 RP, so the skin must've done quite well alongside the Championship ward skin. Part of that money went towards the prize pool for Worlds as well, so both the charity organizations and the best teams in the game benefited from the fundraising effort.